Washington State Considers Reinstating Parole

ln Washington state, a fledgling movement is looking at bringing back parole to reduce the number of people behind bars… The state Sentencing Guidelines Commission is to hear two proposals at its Nov. 20 meeting.

Read the article in the Seattle Times

Washington and Oregon both have severely restricted parole–in Oregon, all Measure 11 convictions are denied parole or any other form of early release, including “good time” (earned time for good behavior). Washington eliminated all parole for anyone convicted after 1984.

Like Oregon, Washington is facing the decision to build a new prison or reduce incarceration. And like Oregon, much of Washington sees itself as a “good” state, with progressive policies, and is unaware of the reality of their criminal justice system. Could our sleepy Northwestern states finally be waking up to the national conversation about criminal justice and mass incarceration?


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